At the Urban Frontier Organization, we aim to rebuild and restore hope where it’s been damaged or abandoned.  We work with those communities and individuals who are in need, forgotten, and under-served to provide opportunity as confident economic contributors. Our focus lies on community development, using recreation as a catalyst for revitalization, creating sustainable food security, investing in individuals of all abilities through our Community Social Development H.O.P.E. Strategy, and personal and professional development programming. We firmly believe we can grow sustainable economic forces from the inside out through programming, development, and investment in community forgotten and underfunded assets and individuals of all abilities. 



Where there are Communities in need, we’ll be there lending a hand-up, hope, and opportunity.



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Cultivating urban life to mine the gold of human potential 

Urban Frontier Organization

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Cultivating urban life to mine the gold of human potential

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Recreation for Revitalization

We believe underfunded parks and recreation departments to be an integral component to a community's economic vitality.

Who We Are

UFO is a recreation resource partnership organization. Building sustainable community economic forces from the inside out.  

Community Social Development

The Helping Others Pursue Excellence (H.O.P.E.) Strategy is a hand-up approach to individual personal development. 

​Seeds to Success

Through placemaking agriculture, education, and aquaponics we assist in activating abandoned community assets and transforming them into active economic catalysts. 

our mission: